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Dimity McDowell

Nickname Dim Birthdate May 3, 1972 Birth City Minneapolis, MN Current City Denver, CO

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Justin Gillette

Nickname Marathon Man Birthdate January 10, 1983 Birth City Niles, MI Current City Goshen, IN Blog www.gilletterunning.blogspot.com Sport Marathon Running

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Sarah Bowen Shea

Nickname SBS or Champy Birthdate 03/04/19... Birth City Stamford, CT. Current City Portland

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Anton Krupicka

Nickname Anton Birthdate August 2, 1983 Birth City Niobrara, NE Current City Colorado

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Hal Koerner

Nickname Drop Bag Birthdate January 23, 1976 Birth City Ashland.

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Crystal Wright

Nickname Crystal Birthdate January 14, 1982 Birth City Jackson, WY Current City Wilson, WY Career Highlights Freeskiing World Tour Champion

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Susan Francia

Nickname Susan Birthdate November 8, 1982 Birth City Szeged, Hungary Current City Princeton, NJ CAREER HIGHLIGHTS: 2008 Olympic Gold Medalist

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Bruckner Chase

Nickname Aquaman Birthdate April 30, 1966 Birth City Memphis, TN Current City Ocean City, NJ & Pago Pago, Amerika Samoa

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WHY? In 1993 Dr. Bill Vaughan created GU Energy Gel to solve the real challenges faced by his daughter who needed easy to digest and compact energy for ultra endurance training and racing. Over twenty some years, we have grown into an energy gel and performance nutrition leader that truly cares about our community of [...]

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Mirinda Carfrae

Nickname Rinny Birthdate March 26, 1981 Birth City Brisbane, Australia Current City Boulder, Colorado Website www.mirindacarfrae.com Twitter Handle @Mirindacarfrae Sport

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