Nickname Dim
Birthdate May 3, 1972
Birth City Minneapolis, MN
Current City Denver, CO
Twitter @TheMotherRunner
Sport Running + Triathlon
Doing sport since age? 18
Proudest athletic accomplishment? Finishing the long course Wildflower Triathlon when my daughter was 10 months old. I had no idea what I was in for.
What continues to drive you in your sport? While I love a great (for me) performance, what I like more is the lifestyle; I thrive on starting off most days with a head-clearing, spirit-raising sweat.
What do you enjoy most about your sport? I absolutely love the first five or so miles of the bike portion during a triathlon; my legs are fresh, I feel clean and crisp from the swim, and the race has yet to really unfold.
What’s your go-to GU product? Love both Espresso Love and Vanilla GU. Chocolate Mint is also up there.
Do you have any words of advice, or tips and tricks for aspiring athletes? Don’t think; just go. Sounds simple, but when you’re lying in your warm bed at dark o’thirty or your kids are grabbing your leg and guilt is seeping through you, it’s the best advice ever.
Top 5 hobbies when you’re not participating in sport? Reading; piloting my minivan to soccer, volleyball, flute lessons, etc.; playing basketball in our driveway with my kiddos; watching random baseball games with my husband.
What personal causes are you involved in? I coach Girls on the Run at my kids’ school, where I also spend a couple hours a week volunteering.