Nickname Emsa
Birthdate June 11, 1981
Birth City Alexandria Scotland
Current City Park City, UT
Sport Off-RoadTriathlon, mountain biking, trail running, and Nordic skiing.
Doing sport since age? Four.
Proudest athletic accomplishment of 2011? Placing 3rd in the ITU Cross (Off-Road) Triathlon World Championships
Most memorable moment participating in your sport? Getting to race in XTERRA Costa Verde in Brazil in 2011. A beautiful venue and course, lots of mud, especially on the run course including a giant mud pit we had to cross. Plus the energy of the Brazilians made the race that much more exciting
Plans and goals for 2012? Compete in the XTERRA US Series, XTERRA World Championships in Maui, XTERRA Brazil, XTERRA Germany and the Park City Point to Point.
What’s your go-to GU product? Roctane Ultra Endurance Gels, Mint Chocolate GU, Strawberry Watermelon Recovery Brew, and Watermelon GU Chomps.
How do you use it? I always pack a GU just in case, no matter how short my run/ride is. But I use it before, during and after workouts and races.
What characteristics do you most respect in your competitors? Personality and kindness
What drives you to keep going? I enjoy doing it. It’s a great way to explore. I like the idea of continuously trying to improve at something every time you get out there.
What do you enjoy most about your sport? The friends I’ve made along the way and getting to be outside and getting to travel.
Favorite place you’ve raced in? Brazil!
Do you have any words of advice, or tips and tricks for aspiring athletes? Of course there’s going to be times where competing and training for your sport isn’t fun but make sure it’s something you enjoy doing because you’re going to spend a lot of time doing it.
Three things people don’t know about you? I spent my childhood in Indonesia, Art was always my first passion growing up and I worked as a photojournalist for 4 years after college before I got into triathlon, I coach and instruct Nordic skiing in the winter.
Top 5 hobbies when you’re not competing? Photography (sometimes I get paid) Knitting, throwing a Frisbee for my dog, experimental baking, and drinking canned microbrews.
What personal causes are you involved in? I’m a big advocate for promoting sports for kids, and particularly girls. I want to make sure girls get the same opportunities and support to compete in sports as boys do. Even more importantly to simply know about the opportunities out there and know they are good enough to pursue sports is a huge factor. This is a big reason why I coach. I also do it because know I have learned so much from coaches I’ve had as a kids and even now, so I feel some responsibility to give back.