Nickname JP
Birthdate April 8, 1980
Birth City Cedar Falls, Iowa
Current City Le Claire, IA
Sport Triathlon
Doing sport since? 1997
Proudest athletic accomplishment of 2011? Finishing 6th overall and 2nd American at Ironman Racine 70.3.
Most memorable moment participating in your sport? Coming off an Achilles tendon surgery in 2010 and proving to myself I belong in the pro races in 2011.
Plans and goals for 2012? Inspire ordinary people to believe in the “impossible”…to strive to be Uncommon…to have a BIG DREAM and chase it like your life depends on it. I plan to place top 5 at an Ironman 70.3 event and I will break 9 hours at Ironman Arizona.
What’s your go-to GU product? Peanut Butter GU
How do you use it? I’ve mixed it in smoothies with frozen yogurt to add an amazing Peanut Butter taste, I’ve put it on my toast for breakfast, and I consume large amounts of it during high intense or long workouts, because it always makes me feel better.
What characteristics do you most respect in your competitors? Balance in life, keeping racing fun, being good sports, being approachable to fans, and being overall nice people.
What drives you to keep going? I want to prove I can compete at the highest possible level while balancing a full-time career as a teacher, being a devoted husband and father of 2 children, and still making time to give back to my community.
What do you enjoy most about your sport? The entire lifestyle…I have so much confidence and my entire approach to life is more positive.
Favorite city you’ve raced in? Austin, TX.
Three things people don’t know about you? My son Owen’s middle name is Austin because that is where I earned my pro license, I ride half of my yearly bike miles between 10 p.m. and midnight while my kids are sleeping, I weighed 203 lbs. in January of 2008, and while it was supposed to be top three, here’s my fourth..My kids are obsessed with GU Chomps…they will do any chore to get some but I learned the hard way when I gave my 2 year old Peach Tea…
Top 5 hobbies when you’re not swimming/biking/running? Taking my kids to Chuck E. Cheeses and setting the street ball shootout record while I’m there, Spending time with my wife who is an incredible runner herself, Watching the Iowa Hawkeyes…look out…their basketball team is going to be amazing next year and Having Nerf wars in the basement with my kids and nieces/nephews
What personal causes are you involved in? Live Uncommon. A non-profit that works to inspire people to be physically fit and active.