Nickname Rinny
Birthdate March 26, 1981
Birth City Brisbane, Australia
Current City Boulder, Colorado
Twitter Handle @Mirindacarfrae
Sport Triathlon
Doing sport since age? 19
Proudest athletic accomplishment of 2011? 2nd Hyvee 5150 Championships
Most memorable moment participating in your sport? Winning the 2010 Ironman Worlds title.
Plans and goals for 2012? I’d love to win back the Ironman World title.
What’s your go-to GU product? Pineapple Roctane
How do you use it? I use it mostly on the run. Add 2 or 3 pineapple Roctanes to a GU flask and add a little water.
What characteristics do you most respect in your competitors? I love an athlete who is a fighter, relentless in their pursuit of excellence. I also admire a humble champion.
What drives you to swim/bike/run? I just love pushing myself to see what my body is capable of.. I am constantly surprised at what hard work can achieve.
What do you enjoy most about your sport? I love the positive vibe that comes with the sport. To a lot of people it’s more than just a sport – it’s a celebration of life..
Favorite city you’ve raced in? Phuket Thailand.
Do you have any words of advice, or tips and tricks for aspiring triathletes? This is cliché but the best advice I can give is to enjoy whatever sport you are involved in and always be grateful that you are able to do it.
Three things people don’t know about you? I played the saxaphone through school (not sure if I can play now though), I grew up on a farm, and I hated running when I was young (pre triathlon years) – didn’t see the point.. Now I get it.
Top 5 hobbies when you’re not swim/bike/running? I always laugh at this question. Don’t have much energy for ‘hobbies’ outside of training.. But if I had to pick five, they’d be eating, sleeping, boozing 😉 reading and movies.