Nickname Urstein
Birthdate June 29, 1970
Birth City Los Angeles, CA
Current City A very beautiful chicken coup in Petaluma, CA
Sport Endurance mountain bike racing
Doing sport since age? 26
Proudest athletic accomplishment of 2011? Winning the solo SS category at Bike Monkey’s 8 Hrs of Boggs.
Most memorable moment participating in your sport? Finishing 9th at the 2006 24 Hour World Championships in Conyers, GA.
Plans and goals for 2012? Repeat victory at Boggs and to stand on the Downieville SS podium. Compete at an event I’ve never done before.
What’s your go-to GU product? Roctane Ultra Endurance drink
How do you use it? I use it to fuel my long training rides.
What characteristics do you most respect in your competitors? Sportsmanship, dedication, and a sense of humor.
What drives you to bike? I have personal issues I need to work out.
What do you enjoy most about your sport? Pushing my physical limits, the people I get to meet and the places I get to ride keep me fired up about my sport.
Favorite city you’ve raced in? Prescott, AZ.
Do you have any words of advice, or tips and tricks for aspiring cyclists? Dream big, train hard, and never give up.
Three things people don’t know about you? I was an elementary school teacher for 12 years, my sideburns are actually glued on, I have a really bad shoe habit.
Top 5 hobbies when you’re not biking? Writing, skiing, traveling with my wife, playing with my dog, and trolling social media sites.
What personal causes are you involved in? I help with the NorCal HS League and I do bicycle safety rodeos for my local school district.