Rebecca Rusch

Rebecca Rusch

LOCATION: Sawtooth City, ID

TWITTER: @rebeccarusch

INSTAGRAM: @rebeccarusch

FAVORITE GU PRODUCT: Summit Tea Roctane Energy Drink

FAVORITE ENERGY GEL FLAVOR: Lemonade Liquid Energy Gel

Cold ride, warm GU. Roctane Energy Drink Mix and Roctane Protein Recovery Drink Mix are amazing warm. For long rides, I brew up a thermos of warm Summit Tea to keep me warm from the inside out. At home after a chilly ride, warm Recovery Drink Mix is so comfy and smashes the post-ride chills like magic. 

Warm ride, cold GU. Roctane Energy Drink Mix is great as a slushy and so is the Liquid Energy Gel. Put your nutrition in the freezer overnight for a hot ride and it'll slowly melt into a yummy and thermoregulating slushy while you're riding! Need to speed up the melting, just put the gel or the bottle in your jersey pocket and it'll cool your core while getting to the perfect slushiness to consume. Warm ride, cold GU.

Thermo-regulation is a performance enhancer and this is how I use my GU to cover nutrition and cooling/warming.

My why hasn't changed since I was a kid camping in my backyard or staying out past dark playing Kick The Can with the kids in our Midwestern suburban neighborhood. What motivates me is curiosity. What's around the next corner or over the next hill? Am I capable of getting there? I am driven to take the path less traveled and hopefully clear away some of the branches to make the path of exploration and adventure available to more people.

Be Good is my mantra. Those are the words my Dad wrote in his letters home to my family. By being good, I strive to break boundaries by trailblazing on and off the bike. I am multi-time world champion, 2x cycling hall of famer, and have earned many firsts, FKTs, championship titles, and podium spots in endurance events around the world. My achievements as an athlete are the foundational springboard allowing me to expose more people to the healing powers of movement in the outdoors. Through the Be Good Foundation and Rebecca's Private Idaho, as well as my storytelling, expeditions, and educational offerings, I aim to empower more people to experience the magical healing and connection of spending time in nature riding bikes.
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