Our product development team understands the importance of using high quality ingredients. As an athlete, it’s essential that you know exactly what you’re putting in your body as fuel. We want to make it clear to you which of our products have animal sourced ingredients and which are vegan-friendly.

made with vegan only ingredients!
not vegan
what does this mean for the vegan athlete?

Some of our vegan-friendly products are manufactured in facilities that share equipment with other non-vegan ingredients. We want to let you know, so you can make the best decision according to your own dietary preference.


Energy Gels weren't always vegan…

In 2015, one of our employees and long-time plant powered athlete posed a question, “why aren’t our Energy Gels vegan?” This question prompted our R&D team to take a closer look at our ingredients, specifically amino acids, which are critical components of our products. One essential amino acid, leucine, is responsible for initiating protein synthesis, the process through which your muscles rebuild and get stronger. There are both plant-sourced and animal-sourced leucine, and many products use the more accessible animal-sourced leucine.

However, our R&D team wasn’t willing to sacrifice quality for convenience, so they worked tirelessly to create a fast dissolving plant-extracted leucine. Now, we can add leucine and make vegan products without compromising performance!

To learn more about the different vocabulary associated with our products, check out our Nutrition Lab glossary here!

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